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Our Partner Clinics


MEGA Plastic Surgery

Experts in Facial countering, breasts, lifting, eyes, nose, body contouring, specialized contouring, and hair transplant.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

A virtual beauty complex, Wonjin leads the way with minimally invasive, low trauma procedures that provide optimum results


The Line Plastic Surgery

A leader in the field of plastic surgery since it’s opening over 10 years ago.


DA Plastic Surgery

A trusted clinic for a wide range of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic treatments.


Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital

Designed with a university hospital standard, Grand houses a luxurious patient oriented facility.


JK Plastic Surgery

JK offers clients intimate and luxurious care. The Center is housed in in a beautiful boutique setting.


Only works with the the safest, most reputable clinics in Korea with a dedication to safety and quality.

Accredited Specialised Surgeons

Licensed Anesthesiologists

Inpatient Wards

Medical Support from Accredited Hospitals

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Unique and one of a kind Cash Back program allows you and your family and friends to keep saving on your beauty treatments. We offer a special milage program to all our clients. Clients will be rewarded 5% CASH back on their treatment expenses to be redeemed by themselves or by a person of their choice on a future visit.

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Our Process

Contact us with your Enquiry: Call or Write to Us About the Procedures your are Interested in. By sending us photos of the areas of concern we will be able to give you more precise answers about cost, timeframes and results. Your personal information is always protected. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

Your Client Manager Processes Your Request: Your personal client manager will contact all our partner clinics about the details of your case and prepare a personalised response from all our partner clinics. This will allow you to compare the prices, surgical methods that are best suited to your personal wants and needs.

Choose One or More Clinics: We will support and arrange consultations at any of our partner clinics. Are you interested in a clinic not listed in our site? Contact us and we will arrange a consultant from them too.

Book Your Visit: Once you have decided to come to Korea we can assist with every part of your stay. Clinic Bookings, Translation, Airline ticketing, Visa support, Hotel booking, Airport pick up, tours, shopping, post care, we can cover it all.

We are Your Friend in Seoul: Travelling abroad for a medical procedure can be a daunting experience. We are here to make sure that you are supported before during and after your visit. We are committed to make sure you have the best possible experience in Korea by giving you the power to make your own educated choice on which clinic and procedure is best for you. Your under no obligation or pressure to receive treatment. We encourage you to make the choice thats best for you. If you would like to visit one or all of the clinics before you make your final decision we will help you to do it.

Post Care Support: We make sure that you get the results you want. We support your healing process with 24 hour support. If you have any questions or concerns about your healing process and results we will manage your care with support from the chosen clinic.

Recommend Your Family and Friends: Through our unique loyalty program you can receive 5% cash back on your treatment for future visits for any one of your choice.